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If You're Reading This, I'm Here To Help You

My name is Luis Martinez and I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in Nevada, Utah, and Idaho. I have been working in the field of clinical mental health since 2019 and have provided therapy to individuals and couples of diverse ages and backgrounds. I believe that everyone has the capacity to heal from the wounds that disrupt inner peace. My therapeutic approach is holistic, utilizing a combination of evidence-based therapies, spiritual truths, and scientific evidence to best serve you. Most importantly, I want you to feel safe and supported to explore your feelings and emotions. You and I will work together to create an individualized path and set goals that is tailored to your unique needs.

Issues I specialize Treating





Spiritual/Religious Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Unwanted Sexual Behaviors (Pornography/Masturbation)

Life Transitions (Marriage, Divorce, Birth, Adulting Children)

Spiritual Issues/Existential Crisis

Partner Affairs/Betrayal

Intimacy Issues

Populations I specialize working with

First Responders (Fire and Police)



Christianity (particularly those of the LDS Faith)

Returned/Early Returned Missionaries

Ready To Begin?

It can be scary taking the first step—Believe me, I've been there. But if you can be brave enough to take the step to reach out, I promise you are going to find an inviting experience where I can help you along the way. I'm 100% online so no need to worry about filling out a ton of paperwork by hand. You'll have it all done with a click of a button.

Services and Costs

Assessments & Therapy Sessions (50 minutes) — $120

Administrative Services (records requests, letters to providers, etc.) — $20/request

Forms of payment

Credit/Debit Card



Bishop/Clergy/3rd Party

Health Savings Accounts

Victims of Crime (VOC)

Please note:

*I do not accept insurance at this time

**I am currently only accepting clients 18+ years old AND who are graduated from or longer in high school.

I Don't Believe Everyone Needs Therapy, But I Do Believe Everyone Needs To Be Educated On What It Means To Be Happy

When's the last time you took a class on being happy? What does it mean to have peace in your life? You don't always have to suffer from mental illness to go find those answers. I don't believe therapy is for everyone. But I have a strong urge to teach how to recognize and reconcile happiness into your life. Visit my courses to see how you can learn at your own pace, for your own personal peace.

Featured Courses


Called To Be

Preparing Prospective Missionaries To Experience Peace In The Field

Return With Purpose

A Path to Peace for Struggling Returned Missionaries

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